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❓ About me

My name is Mathias Vermeulen, co-founder of Dutch&Dillon and founder of Winston Wolfe. This project, however, is a 100% personal and independent initiative.

During Covid-19, I was wondering how I could help the global L&D community by connecting L&D professionals from all over the world with peers and experts. Especially now, in times of Covid-19, I'm genuinely convinced we all need a mentor. So I decided to build this small service using different kinds of No-Code tools.

1. Carrd - the tool I used to build this website. Very easy, with lots of integration options.
2. Airtable - all data is stored in a simple Airtable database. The overview of the mentors is one of five active tables.
3. MailerLite - when L&D professionals want regular updates of new mentors, they subscribe to MailerLite and receive an automated welcome message.
4. Gmail - I use Gmail to send all automated follow-up e-mails to mentors and mentees.
5. Zapier - the application that connects multiple apps and tools: output in tool 1 becomes an input in application 2.
6. Integromat - just like Zapier, and depending on the tools, I switch between Zapier and Integromat.
7. Slack - I get notifications in a Slack DM when a new mentor is showing interest in joining the community.
8. Calendly - interested mentors receive an automated e-mail with an invitation to book a timeslot to discuss their offering.
9. Zoom - my Calendly-account is integrated with my Zoom account to automatically send invitations with URL & password.

I sincerely hope that this example inspires L&D colleagues and that they will use this to help and share, to learn, and to grow.

Thanks, and keep safe!

Feel free to buy me a coffeeFeel free to buy me a coffee